Saturday, November 27

TOTE BAG Sunday on the Lake

New Bag finished this morning. Also included a picture of the lining with a pocket and a crochet flower at the closure. This bag measures 19"x23"x5" Still waiting for those pesky handles and it's slowing me down some what but still I persist!!


vicki said...

Holy cow girlfriend - these are just absolutely stunning! What a fabulous creation! This one is my favorite so far! (but I have loved them all~~~!)


susan jenkins said...

Hi Vicki,

Thank you SO much! Loved reading your comment this morning!! Makes me want to get right to it!!I'm so happy you love the "totes" and this one is your favorite!!

xo Susan

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

i agree with vicki - your bags are absolutely beautiful!

susan jenkins said...

Hi! Thankyou so much, your comment means so much this morning, I so appreciate you stopping by!!So happy you like them!
xo Susan