Monday, November 29


19"x22.5"x5" oil painting on canvas( from my stash of past paintings).
Just put the finishing touches on "Sun Flowers "this morning. The rooster cut out and sewn on just completed it for me and makes it fun!


Sharon Sorensen Furner said...

I love the way you sewed another painting onto the original. These just get better and better. I suppose you are selling at the gallery, you will have a huge following wanting these. So much labor, you could never make enough, you just have to love doing it.

Where did you learn to sew so well...Next you will be making i POD covers!!!!

susan jenkins said...

i pod covers? I draw the line!lol
Been sewing forever, kids clothes , my clothes in the old days and just always loved it!

Glad you like the sunflower bag and yes, I'm having a good time!!!Ya gotta love it right??

Thank you Sharon!

xo Susan

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

this is very beautiful! i love the double picture as well and the sunflowers are very beautiful!

susan jenkins said...

Hi! thank you so much, I'm so happy to hear you like the sunflower tote. You are so nice to say!!
xx Susan