Thursday, February 11

Jewlery Making

Yesterday we had an impromptu get together to make jewelry out of silver clay. We had planned a big get together but because of weather and our instructor, Elaine Apsit, being available right now we had it at my house on the spur of the moment! It was just going to be an understanding of the silver clay and some light instruction but instead our gracious teacher brought along what seemed to us her entire studio! It started at 11:00am and went to 10:00 pm when every bead and adornment was fired with a chefs torch! We did not expect this!
We learned the in's and out's of the silver clay, how it works, how to make jewelry, molds for it and I don't think there is anything she didn't teach us! We will be having another get together soon at Vicki Greene's home in the incredible setting of her back yard as soon as the weather clears and warms up. There ,the rest of the girls who want to come will join us.
Elaine is one of the artists at the Chambers Gallery in Cambria,California. I hope you can visit the gallery and see her fabulous handmade silver pieces on display.
Thankyou Elaine for your generous spirit, time and talent ,we can hardly wait for the "next time"!

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