Thursday, February 11

Class in Silver Jewelry making


Anonymous said...

If you are thinking about taking any additional classes on PMC, I'd like to refer you to Kate McKinnon who has published several books on working safely with metal clay. I've taken a class with her and she's a wonderful teacher. You get a great deal of information about metallurgy that is not usually presented in metal clay classes. She's got a 4-hour DVD coming out in the next wekk or so that will be very comprehensive.

She's very serious about safety and the 100% physical integrity of finished pieces. I treasure the class I took with her!

Enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you're creating!

susan jenkins said...

Well, I wish i could do more, it was just so much fun! I will pass her name along tho thankyou!

I'm happy you like reading my blog, so nice to know!!

xx Susan