Saturday, March 15

Good Morning!

I am going out to paint this morning,yes, finally a 6x6 ,will have it on this after noon!

All intensions were good yesterday, however,trying to get my new camera on was a frustrating entire day! Who has time for this???? I did everything it said, tried it 3 times, used every bit of techi experience I have (which is not alot) to get the computer to acknowledge the camera! Nothing!! Sooooooooo I disconnected my monitor, grabbed the camera and cd and flew off to Paso Robles to Staples to have Bill, (my new friend) fix it!!!! He did, he explained what he did and to tell you the truth I am afraid to try it for fear Bill had magic and I have , well, me.

Anyway, the camera takes dynomite pic's and it is now up to me to get them on here!!!

So off to the studio!! See you this after noon, fingers crossed that I can get my photograph on!!

XO Susan

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