Sunday, March 9

Sage Green

I wanted to share a color with you and you probably already know this but I had to find it the hard way! As with everything it was easy, after I knew how to do it of course!

As many of you know, I use Thaylo Green as my green. I break it down with all sorts of colors but it is my green, except for skin tone, then Chrome green is used.

I was looking at Holbien colors the other day on line and they had a grey green on there. Well, it looked like the sage green that has swept the world and I could just never master!! I thought, wow, I can buy it!!! Well.....then I thought, that looks alot like a chrome green base with black. I went out to my studio, found an old tube of chrome green and mixed it with black and white and there it was!!!!! Sage green!!

Ok, I know this is a duh to those of you who knew it, it was a breakthru for me, and I used it for the White Lotus!! Of course now I will put it in everything for a while, isn't that the way?? Ha!

Just wanted to share! XO Susan

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