Wednesday, March 5


Oh my gosh being gone a week can sure get in the way of ones business!! I got home yesterday from the workshop in Washington and of course have a million things to do to get my self back on track!
The workshop was just wonderful and met such nice new people and of course my dear friends who are always faithfully there excited for another go! Four paintings in four days and everyone of them was just beautiful! It is always fun to go to Bev's at Arts Desire. I bought some new paint as always and one of the tubes was Grahams new turqoise. Wow what a gorgeous color. There were only two tubes left and Vickie and I each got one. YAY! Don't know what I will paint with it but I am inspired to paint!
Just being back in town, so much to do. I will get a painting up as soon as I can. Lots of ideas spinning up there!
Barbara bought the Garden painting with the bench. Thankyou Barbara!

Sue sent me home with 3 new jars of jam , yee ha!! Thankyou Sue!

Thankyou to all of you who participated in my workshop, it was just so much fun!!

XO Susan

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