Friday, March 7


Well....... I am sick! I got a bug in Washington and I can't stop coughing!! Frustrating because there is soooo much I want to do! I have a bunch of new ideas and some darling little bottles Sue gave me to incorporate into my morning paintings.Everyone tells me this is the dreaded upper respitory flu that I got the shot for!! What???

Anyway....this is just going to be over soon, I have promiced myself!

Ordered myself a spiffy new camera! I was feeling sorry for myself and my camera is just the pits so I bought myself a present! In order to reconsile this expendature I must get work done!! I am resting until Monday and then NEW PAINTING!!! So stay with me, see you Monday.

XO Susan


paintwithbarb said...

I am sorry, you must of gotten what I came home with.....the good side is that I feel good now.....but I never did have anything more than a cough and no sneezing. I am sending prayers your way......

susan jenkins said...

Hi Barb,

Well, you can't help that you were sick. When you first come down with this there isn't much of a warning. It just sneaks up on you!

Glad you are better now, wonder why you didn't have the sneezing?? Anyway, the coughing part is rough!

I will be better soon, thankyou for writng and letting me know there is an end to this!! YAY!

XO Susan