Thursday, February 7

Good Morning!

I am heading out to the studio in a bit but wanted to tell you that I have placed these abstracts on my website at and

They are all cleaned up and in order. Much easier to view.
Abstracts for me are a way to clear my head of all the day to day minutia that clutters ones mind.
Abstracts are about balance. Color and non form. If you haven't tried to paint one give it a try. It is fun. Not easy but fun! Start by just placing a color you like on a canvas. It can be a mark or an all over smush. Big brush or small. You can have an idea in your head of where you may want to go or what you want to say and just start. You can use alot of colors or stay with a few. It is about the balance tho. A color one place needs to have it some place else and so on. You will get the hang of it.

Put some nice music on, maybe even rock and roll! Go for it! Right now I am just right where I want to be. Clear thinking and excited! Heading back out to the studio cranking up the cd player and going for it!!

XO Susan

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