Sunday, February 3


30x40 o/c Finished this one last night. I love the crows and wanted to encorporate one into an abstract painting. This is photographed on the easle in the studio and really should have cropped time!!!


Anonymous said...

like this one


susan jenkins said...

Thankyou Sue! I am so happy you like it! Something about those crows!

XO Susan

Stacy Alexander said...

Hi Susan,

I happened to stumble across your blog this morning and wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading it and seeing your lovely paintings. You do some very beautiful work. I particularly enjoyed this one of the crow.

Best wishes and happy arting!
Stacy Alexander

susan jenkins said...

Hi Stacy, so very nice of you to write to me and I am so happy you like the crow painting!
It looks like you do mosiac work? I am looking at your pic up in the corner. As you can see I do too!

Thankyou again, XO Susan