Thursday, September 11

SUNFLOWER wood cut

Last night our little art group visited Annie Lawrence in her gallery in Cambria. Annie is a wonderful artist and calligrapher . She introduced us to wood carving but using an entirely different material for carving with more of a rubber base.

We had so much fun and being so generous with her tools and supplies we carved for hours!
I made several pieces, some good, some not but I sure did learn alot! Vicki is a natural, made beautiful trees in the Arts and Crafts tradition.Such an artist! Gayle did wonderfully making many pieces and always amazes me and her self and Lyn did a sweet tiny landscape and we were so impressed! Pizza for dinner and so much enthusiasm in Annie's wonderful workroom.

Above is a carving of a sunflower printed on paper that Annie had done and I so loved. I begged to have it and she gave it to me! I love it! So, we are all off on another art experience!!!