Sunday, October 26


Raven red clay, black glaze. 31/2" x 10 1/2" SOLD!!!

Hello! I am back home! Workshop in Washington was very fun, always is! I met new people, terrific students. We had alot of laughs and they painted beautifully! 4 great paintings in 4 days, whew!
Hi to Catherine and Nadiene and Arleta and her daughter ( a real budding artist) all new students. Also hi to Carol and Barbara and Sue and Shirley and Joann, Mary Alice and Gloria not new students but want to say hi and thankyou to all !! Hi to Bev too and a big thankyou for putting this all together! Also hi to Patsy! So glad you came in to say hi!!
Sue sent me home with all kinds of things this time plus her wonderful jams!! 2 big jars!! Thankyou Sue!
I haven't had a chance to get work out, the Raven is a new piece, finished just befor I left and I am just posting. I will be doing new work for the Chambers Gallery, small female torsos in clay about 3" tall. I have been working on the studio getting ready to work in clay, can't wait!

More soon!! XO Susan

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