Saturday, December 8


Today has been one of those days. We all have them....anyway, could not retrieve my pictures to place on the computer. Something is a miss in cyber space! Also have a firing in the kiln for new pieces I am making and the electricity went off...well in the studio anyway, overload. Had the heater on ( it is blisteringly cold out side and the wind!! ) and the kiln at the same time and lights, doesn't take much to blow the whole thing.
I am longing to get back to painting, I walk past my easel to my work table in the back looking wistfully at my paints and brushes!
I will probably not be painting until after Christmas with all that there is to do and I will be leaving for San Diego in a week any way! Wow this month is flying isn't it?? I know you are watching the holidays fast approaching too!
I will try again later with new pic's.
XO, Susan

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