Wednesday, December 5

Piqueassiette Teapot

9"x9"tea pot This is what I will be doing for the next several days. I make these for the Chambers Gallery. Just made alot of hand built strawberrys and birds and other decorative pieces and will be firing those soon. I have a bunch of new shards thank heavens from my friends and family. Making some boxes too. If you are interested in these pieces you can email me at I will be painting again soon and will post the piqueassiette pieces here as I go. XO Susan SOLD!!

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Anonymous said...

hi mommie.. im on line exciting... any hoo...
love this the t pot..
i think you could have done without the strawberry.. its great just as is... i love the bowl with the dark bird and love the ice cream pie....darling........ well have a nice trip amber