Friday, May 17


16"x20" oil on canvas


dulcy said...

Susan, I love your bird paintings! I spent Monday with my local Audubon team counting bird species for the Birdathon fund raiser. We counted 113 in one day! You really inpsire me to get back to my pastels.


susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy, I'm so happy to know I have inspired you and you love the bird paintings!! The Audubon team ,how wonderful!
113 in one day? Oh my!,
Yes, get back to your pastels!!
Xo Susan

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Susan- your bird paintings are just gorgeous-- you have brought these paintings to life!! I am just amazed at how you do that-- I love every one of them!

susan jenkins said...

Vicki, so sweet! thank you so much once again for your wonderful comment!! I'm ready to paint another!!
Xo Susan