Friday, March 1


6"x6" oil painting on copper. I've been experimenting with copper again. Many years ago I painted on it and just loved the feel. This time I vertigried it first. I got a wonderful patina, a beautiful green. So this was a different experience painting over the vertigres.Let alot of the blue green show through and the copper. Painting on brass too, get a whole different look with the brass! These little paintings will be mounted on old wood. This piece of wood is from a building burned in a fire. That's a whole nother story!! Let me know what you think!!


vicki said...

Susan I love your newest paintings on both copper and brass-- I love the way the colors are mingled together. You are so inventive-- beautiful paintings--

susan jenkins said...

Oh thank you Vicki so much!! Something different and my daughter and I had a blast finding all the old wood!! I'm so happy you love them and so sweet of you to comment as always!!