Thursday, January 12


8"x10" oil painting still life on canvas
I have revamped my studio, more light, enabling me to set up still life more easily. This is a painting just finished , very loose,  in the tonalist method of muted values.  Had my spotlight to the right of my little garden arrangement which I hardly ever do. It was a fun exercise!


dulcy said...

Susan, I'm simply in awe of your talent! This sweet piece and the luscious one below of the sunflowers are just fabulous! I spent the day in my studio working on a very simple floral pastel. Will finish it up today and post later. You're so inspiring to me.

susan jenkins said...

Thank you Dulcy, I'm looking forward to seeing your pastel, simple is fun isn't it? I like not saying much glad you like the sun flowers too! I think that's maybe why i went soft hahahaha.
xx Susan

vicki said...

Susan this is so beautiful. I am in love with your style of painting. If I could- I'd fill my house with your beautiful creations--

susan jenkins said...

Vicki, you couldn't have said it at a better time!! Thank you soooo much for that!!

Love, Susan