Sunday, May 22


What a beautiful morning! I just got back from Leffingwell. It's nice to go down there and just sit and think on "things". There is a large canvas on my easel right now , I have a plan for it, making some sketches and did a bit of research this morning. Getting away,to a calm place and out of the studio is just what was needed. I'm so fortunate to have all this beauty right down the way.

It's not a seascape I'll be doing but again a quiet calm place was needed to sort "things" out. Actually a few more "things" than painting got cleared away too . A nice morning!

Do you have a place you like to go to mull??

Now to my studio to get this painting started!!!


Trudy R. Gomez said...

Awe, makes me miss California; however, here in Texas I like to hike the small wooded parks in Richardson. Happy Painting!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Trudy

oh yes, I bet it's just beautiful! Perfect!!xo

vicki said...

Susan- I love to mull when I am at the beach- long beach walks help me to clear my head. I wish I was there now--

susan jenkins said...

We need a mulling place and yes,you do know, a stroll on the beach will do wonders I wish you were here now too!!
xx Susan

Kathryn Glover said...

Susan, where do I mull? When I garden. I can get so lost in thought when my hands are in the dirt. Do you have problems thinking of new ideas for a painting? I have a terrible time with it. Sometimes it can last for days. I want to see your new things in your etsy shop and do not want to miss anything. I love your tonalist painting. You have Terry DeLapp close by. Correct? What a wonderful area where you live.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Kathryn,
Digging in the earth, perfect! Being out side, planting and working in the garden.Sorting out where things will grow. Love that!
Yes, many times I am blocked and with the economy it's difficult to know what to paint for the market.The bed was the painting I was mulling, so happy you like it! I go to my sewing and other things and now my concentration is on piqueassiette and the etsy shop. We artists have to keep moving,stretching. I love what you come up with, you are always stretching. Yes, Terry has his wonderful gallery here!I'll be listing my new things on etsy hopefully today!! Thank you!!
xx Susan