Wednesday, April 6

BIRD NEST tote bag

16"x21.5" Hand made tote bag. Original oil painting with painted bird applied.Vintage materials, stamping on fabric. Leather handles and a beautiful peach lining. I LOVED making and creating this bag! Adding more embellishments and really having fun! The fabrics are so pretty, some are vintage incorporated with new, it's fun to combine the colors and textures.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

LOVE that pink fabric

Trudy R. Gomez said...

I love this one. Your creativity is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

susan jenkins said...

Thank you Julie, yes, love the color of that fabric so much! thanks for giving it to me hahaha


susan jenkins said...

Hi Trudy, thank you so, so much! This was a really fun one to make, I'm so glad you like it!!


Brit said...

Wow Susan, again such a wonderful bag! Congrats for these great works.
Have a wonderful weekend! xo, Britta

susan jenkins said...

Hi Britta!! I'm so pleased you like it! I love what you love hahahaha!!
Thanks so much,
xo Susan

dulcy said...

I love love it! Do you put these on Etsy?

susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy! no, not on etsy, i do have a store there but it was for my paintings. I actually am trying to get enough ahead to put them on tho. I'm so happy you love this bag, it was such fun to make and create, I got the most fabulous material the other day for my next one!! I want to have at least 10 to put on etsy!!
Thank you so much for your nice comment!!
xx Susan

vicki said...

Gasp!!! You know I just love this! The mix of fabrics and textures is fabulous - love the nest! You are on a roll with these beautiful purses!


susan jenkins said...

YAY!! Thank you Vicki! I am so happy that you love it!! They are just such fun to make!! The fabrics are such fun to combine together. My living room is full of purse parts! hahahaha
xx Susan