Wednesday, April 13

BIRD and ROSE Tote Bag

17"x21" Original design. Rose oil painting applied to vintage quilted rose fabric with vintage satin ribbon. Original painted bird on canvas, cut out and applied. This bag is completely lined in soft yellow cotton. Matching handles with a 9" drop. A little pouch comes with. This bag was a special joy to make! I love the quilted fabric and the colors. Adding the painted bird is just fun! I have enough to make another bag and will be designing it soon. You can find my bags on Face Book at Susan Jenkins Art Salon. Soon to be on Etsy. Please send your inquiries to me at .


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

what luscious colors
Love the bird hovering over the flower.........

susan jenkins said...

Hi Julie!! Luscious, yes! Thank you, so happy you like it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan..sooo are truly an artist...I miss seeing you and glad you are having fun!!! julie Harris

susan jenkins said...

Hi julie, i miss seeing you too! Thank you for your nice comment so great to hear from you!!
xx Susan

dulcy said...

Just gorgeous! I don't know which is my favorite.... what a great idea you have incorporating all of these lovely designs with such wonderful fabric prints! Thanks for dropping by and checking in with me Susan.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy,
I'm so pleased that you like it and the other bags too.
Your work is so wonderful, it means so much that you like mine too!
xo Susan

vicki said...

Susan- the design of this bag is fabulous- you know I love the bird!! The colors are perfect for spring!

susan jenkins said...

Vicki, thank you!I'm so pleased you like it, such fun adding the birds and all the other special things, I just love the fabrics I'm finding, these vintage pieces so inspiring!!
xx Susan