Saturday, March 12


All small little sketches with water color crayons. Very relaxing and fun. Experiment with them, you have a bit more control when you are using the crayons too. Just have fun!


dulcy said...

These colors are brilliant! Love all three. My mother is 94, very ill, and unable to leave her bed at this time. She has been an artist her whole life, and we've found that water color crayons work great for her situation (since paints are not possible at this time). She is doing the most marvelous paintings with her crayons! She gives them to everyone where she is living, and being able to continue her art makes her very happy. At some point I plan on doing a post showing some of her lovely work.

susan jenkins said...

Hi! I am so happy with your wonderful comment! I just love that your mother loves to use the crayons and is able to continue her art with them! Yes, please post some of her work!
I do love them, so clean,quick and easy to use! Great for traveling. Fun too!
Thank you !!xx Susan

Sharon said...

Love your doodles, and LOVE the word DOODLE...just plain relaxing to say it, let alone do it. I also love these crayons and my grandchildren around the corner have practically used them all I work with the broken shards! smile.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Sharon!
Yes, doodle, it is relaxing, no pressure hahaha, we like that! Great for the grand kids!!
Thank you!

xx Susan

Beads2yarn said...

I just found your beautiful blog. Your art is stunning. Very inspiring with lovely colors

susan jenkins said...

Hello! Thank you so much!So nice of you to stop and visit! I'm happy you like my blog and my work. You have made my day!!

xx Susan

Dana said...

I really like these doodles. They are kind of calming to look at. Thanks so much for sharing.

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