Tuesday, March 29


36"x36" oil on canvas Well this was very fun! I decided to go to my studio and paint! No more excuses! An abstract was on my mind and I was inspired to paint it using the figure as my subject. A pastel palette was important too . Weather beautiful, being out side in my studio was so pleasant. Really a fun day!!


dulcy said...

Just beautiful! I love the colors you chose for this piece. I also am charmed by your water lily below. We have a pond and the water lilies should be coming up before too long. There is a very hearty variety of peach lily that has taken over. They get huge and spread out over the whole pond. I'm thinking my next pastel will be from one of the many photos my husband as taken of the pond with rocks, fish, and lilies...I love your blog!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy!
How nice you are to make such special comments about my work and my blog, thank you so much!
I am salivating over visions of your lily pond! I absolutely love them! For years I have painted them and when I become over whelmed by life's little stresses I turn to the beauty and tranquility of the lily ponds!! I think your pastels would be just lovely!! One of your beautiful rugs would be extraordinary with a lily pond design!!!!
Thank you again, what a nice way to start my morning!!
xo Susan

Brit said...

This is really great, Susan. The colour choice is fabulous, it reminds me of all those blooming flowers with a bounty of lavender. Have a wonderful weekend!

susan jenkins said...

Brit! How nice! Thank you so much, I'm so happy to know you like this painting! Yes, all of my favorite colors are in this one!!
You have a wonderful weekend too and I'm looking forward to your next post!!
xx Susan