Tuesday, December 7

Evening Repast

OK, this really is IT! I must start on another painting!! I like it now, I never liked all that dark background and since I had the lanterns in it seemed fun to make it into a nocturn.


Lisa Loria said...

Just found you on the web by searching for painted totes as I am making one from a vintage oil painting.
LOVE your work and LOVE where you live.
It was mine and my late hubby's dream to live there one day.
So happy to have found you.
Your work inspires me to paint more.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Lisa!
I am so happy you found me too! I'm pleased that I have inspired you too!
The totes are fun and popular thankfully. You will love yours, sounds great!
Yes,I am fortunate to live here I know I don't take it for granted. You are so sweet, thankyou for writing.
xo Susan

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Amazing the difference adding the blue along the top made. A wonderful painting with lot of joie de vive!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Erin!

Great hearing from you! Thankyou! Yes, it does change it doesn't it? I'm still wanting to go back in and play with it but I have to know I'm done!! HA!
I'm so glad you like it!!joie de vive!! Yes,how perfect!!
xx Susan