Sunday, August 29

Polka Dot Cups

6"x6" oil painting on board

Polka Dots, so fun! Bring back of all sorts of happy memories. I did allot of sewing when my children were small. Polka dots were popular and in all colors. I even had a beautiful dress my mother made for me with water green polka dots. It was my favorite dress in high school.
I especially love them on dishes! This painting is available on etsy.


vicki said...

I LOVE polka dots - my favorite - (I think you have to be from a certain age group to love polka dots - sadly I am there - sigh~~~)! Wonderful painting my friend!


susan jenkins said...

hahahahaha, you are so right! Sadly there, loving the polka dots!! I'm so happy you like the painting! Thank you Vicki,

Last Cup Of Coffee said...


susan jenkins said...

Thank you, I just love polka dots and love them on cups, you too!!