Thursday, December 30

BERRIES and CREAM tote bag

19"x22" 5" deep. original oil painting on canvas tote bag. Fully lined with pocket.Leather handles. Functional art!


the art of the dance is like chocolate said...

this bag is wonderful!!

susan jenkins said...

Hello!Thank you so much! I'm so happy you Like it!

Erin in Morro Bay said...

All of us at the library are LOVING the bags!!! Great concept and, as always, brilliant execution.
Erin & the Cambria Library gang

susan jenkins said...

Hi Erin!! Hi Cambria library gang!! Thankyou all so, so much! I'm so happy you like the bags,I'm having lots of fun with them!
xo Susan

vicki said...

Stunning Susan- (say that 3 times fast!) such a beautiful and unique way to treasure your artwork! Happy New Year Susan- may this New Year be filled with creative inspirations for you!


susan jenkins said...

Hi vicki! Happy New Year!
I'm so pleased you like the bags!! I'm having such fun! Have a car load of paintings, plenty to keep me making bags for some time hahaha

Thankyou again so much!!
xo Susan