Monday, November 8


8"X10" oil on canvas
For being the head of the family, a good father and mate and for loving and being a good friend, he wears a golden crown. It is good to be king!


Brit said...

Hi Susan!
Your paintings are so wonderful, I love that raven with the crown. I saw that you are from Cambria and I am wondering if we already "met" because I visited Cambria in 2006 during my stay in California ;o) What a lovely town! Have a nice day!
xo, Britta

susan jenkins said...

Hi Britta!
Thank you so much for your nice comment. I just love the crows, they are very special here, we have a special attachment to them.
Yes,Cambria is a lovely place and tiny enough that maybe we did meet!I am so pleased that you like my work!
XO Susan

vicki said...

I love his little smirky smile~~


susan jenkins said...

He does have a smirky smile! hahaha, probably because he knows how special he is being the king and all!!