Monday, February 22

Santa Barbara Gem Faire

This weekend my friend Vicki Greene and I took a drive to Santa Barbara to view the gem and mineral show. Oh my what an adventure! Have you ever been? We were absolutely just over taken by the display of so many beads and gems . We didn't know where to start! So, so much to see! So many like minded people.

Reams and reams of beads,wire,findings,tools,jewels and stones.Gorgeous beads simple to exotic,I had never seen so much. So tempting , all of it!

We were exhausted by the time we left with our bags of fabulous do-da's and have to haves that we knew we couldn't live with out! This was our chance to purchase and see everything we needed to pursue our plans of jewelry making.

A drive past the house I used to live in, another past my gramma and grampa's house. The memories that came flooding back of family.An over night stay in beautiful Montecito, lot's of talking about our day , out to dinner at "Cava" a delightful dinner house. Up the next morning for one more turn through the show!! We couldn't resist!The weather stayed lovely the whole time we were there only to rain on the way home.

This show is not to be missed if you love beads and gems of any sort imaginable!! It will return again next year! We will be there to do it all over again!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

oh yes, i would like some of those.
I forgot to ask what you had at Cava. Hope you went for dessert too.
and some fruit of the vine.......

susan jenkins said...

well.....we had niblies in the room that we brought! Soooo when we were eating dinner we were pleasantly stuffed! Vicki recommended the green rice, (outstanding)! We had shrimp tacos, beautifully served with a big helping of fabulous gaucamoli!!
Lordie, I'm hungry!!
Ok, beads are here, help yourself!
xx sister