Saturday, January 23

Muscle Shell Mirror

14x37 muscle shell mirror. Amber Waltz.
We have had the wildest rain storm all over the state! Electricity knocked out for days in our town of Cambria and all through the neighborhoods. Lightening that could burn the retina, frightening thunder, trees felled and water, water everywhere!

A couple of days before all this, I chose to drive to the San Joaquin Valley to my daughter's for a fun visit and to receive my wonderful Christmas present, the shell mirror she had made for me. We couldn't believe the seemingly endless rain there ( they really need it)but then the drive back home was something else! Torturous and scary, with unbelievable rain and wind on the mountain. Happily, I made it home safely!

This little coastal community is really water logged but the electricity is back on and the sun is out this morning and it's time to clean up and get back to work.

My beautiful mirror is now on the wall and a lovely addition to my little beach cottage. She collected all the shells in coves along the beach in Carmel California several years ago while living there. Knowing I love these shells with their blue black outer coat and their lovely, pearly faces , she made this mirror for me. Nature in a pure form. It's a treasure. So is she.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

she certainly is. Amber if you're reading this, Auntie misses you.

susan jenkins said...

Yes, wish we could see her more!