Thursday, July 10


Good Morning!
While I am waiting for the batterie to charge up in my camera I thought I would tell you of a movement that is afoot. I am so excited! Have you heard about ACEO's? They are very small paintings or collage, or anything in the artworks that is done in a 2.5 x3.5 format. The size of a playing card.
Originating during the Impressionist period they were called ATC's, art trading cards. Traded and collected by artists who wanted to have a sample of another artists work. Also called "pocket art."
ACEO's are "art cards editions and originals". These small cards are now being done by artists and traded and sold. The price varies depending on subjects and time involved.
I am enthralled! Loving abstracts as I do I painted several of these small pieces and am going to offer them for sale. I will be painting all kinds of subjects, some more detailed than others and priced accordingly.
I will be adding them to the blog later today and adding them to my FAA site too. I hope you like them, it is a fun and affordable way to collect art!

XO Susan