Sunday, May 18

New Work

Good Morning!

It is a gorgeous morning here on the coast and I hope it is where you are too!

I am getting ready to go out to my studio and work. I have a commission in clay to start today and I also have some small pieces to make for the Chambers Gallery.
How ever, I feel an abstract coming on! Must not be deterred but I am inspired! I was reading this morning of something called Yupo. It is a plastic paper primarily used by watercolor artists. Have any of you painters out there experimented with it?

I did read of one artist who used oils on it, that is what I want to try.Apparently the paint doesn't absorb, it has a degree of difficulty because putting on layers isn't possible! It just moves what is already underneath! That can be frustrating to say the least!There must be a drying dryer for water color...well anyway, that is my next experiment!
Please let me know if you have tried it, I would love to have your input!

More on this later! XO Susan

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