Thursday, February 21


16x20 o/b This was loose and fun! Alot of color. This is from a photo that Bev Birdwell at Arts Desire in Vancouver Washington gave me. She gave me several from her beautiful lilly pond in her back yard. This was painted from one of those photographs, of course I exagerated it a bit!
I am leaving for a workshop in Washington next week and I have much to do before I leave. This will be my last painting until my return. I know I will be seeing alot of you at the workshop and I am so looking forward to that!
See you soon, XO Susan


paintwithbarb said...

looking forward to meeting ya, question, do you have any copies to sell of your books???? Names of the books???? Thanks! Barb

susan jenkins said...

Hi Barb,

I am looking forward to meeting you too!

My books have been out of print for a very long time. I was told there were some on ebay for sale."Copper,Silver,Glass and Brass" was one and "In Full Bloom" the other.Susan Scheewe publications.

Thank you for writing, see you soon!
XO Susan

paintwithbarb said...

Okay I will be looking for the In Full Bloom as I don't have it, thanks barb