Monday, February 11

New work

Well...I have been painting, have hit a block. It happens and it aggravates us when it does. I have something on the easel but nothing worth showing you sorry to say!

I got very inspired looking at Gustav Klimt. I have a book of the beautiful works of Klimt and decided I wanted to paint something figural and all I have done is rework the face! Thinking it is because I haven't decided if I want to paint it very loose or just a bit loose...I will figure that out!

It is all drawn in but slow going! It has been a while since I painted a figure piece. So, will keep going and hoping that tomorrow the block ends and I have something worth showing you!!

Until tomorrow!! XO Susan


Judy Mackey said...

Hi, Just found your site. Beautiful paintings!! I was inspired to hear you say that you've had a block - I'm in one right now - I have painted some but as you wrote - not worth posting...Maybe now that I've read your blog I'll feel a little less pressure and start creating again...
Have a wonderful day,

susan jenkins said...

Hi Judy, it is so nice of you to write!
I just got back from a workshop in Washington to find your post.
I am so sorry to hear about your block, you sounded so blue!
I hope it has passed but if not one thing to do is leave the studio! Go to the book store and look at art books, library is good too. At the book store you can get a coffee and peruse mag's and books.
A new tube of paint is wonderful too! I just bought a tube of turquoise , a Grahm paint, beautiful! Also straighten your studio, start a fresh palette and put a few dots on the canvas, play!

A trip to an art store is always a treat if you have one close by.

Let me know how it goes and keep in touch!

XO Susan

Judy Mackey said...

Hi Susan,
Thank you for your response. I think I am over it for now : )
In fact I painted two new ones today (small art) and "fixed" two that had been bothering me. Sometimes when a "bad" one is staring at me - it cause me to STOP - but I've fixed them up and feel much better!! I also did like you had mentioned - bought some new brushes, while visiting an art store - thumbed through my art books and magazines...cleaned my room.



susan jenkins said...

Yay Judy! Good for you. The blocks seem to come and go . We all do get them.You worked it out!
I am so glad you wrote, good luck and thankyou!
XO Susan