Tuesday, January 22

Making Stuff

Out in my studio all day today (roof leaking) wet out there and cold. It has been raining all night and all day today. I have a heater but my kiln is going and I can't have the 2 on at once with light too! So it was very damp!The kiln kind of warmed things up with the door closed. ...kind of...

I am working on a Piqueassiette bird house. It is very tall! The kiln is full of items that I will be selling at an upcoming show. Some for the Gallery here and then a show in Fresno in May. I will be posting those dates soon.The bird house is going to be quite a bit of work and I will post it when it is done.
I am not painting for several days so I can get these new works done. Not that I really want to give up my seascape practice!! HA!

The wine festival is going to be on this weekend and if you are around I will be demonstrating an oil painting at the Chambers Gallery on Friday and Saturday. ( The forecast is for rain, hope not!)There will be a wine pouring too. Pam Derby will be doing the honors with wine from her winery. So come by and say hi! See you soon, XO Susan

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