Monday, July 14

Clay and Glass show ,Palo Alto

What a fabulous day! Yesterday Gayle and I went to Palo Alto to the huge Clay and glass show.

Incredible work, miles of it!! Alot of Gayles artists from her gallery were participating and that was fun. A wonderful demonstration on the wheel. Throwing off the hump which I had never seen, (Nichibei Potters)all of you potters out there know what that is!?
The most beautiful glass work and huge clay pieces, thrown and hand built and sculpture. All of it just blow away! I didn't leave with out a little something!
Gayle met up with many of her artists and I was so fortunate to be introduced to some of these extraordinary glass makers and potters.

It was a beautiful day, a bit of smoke from the fires but not too bad. Nice for the artists and a wonderful turn out. If you ever get a chance to go it should not be missed!!

Highway 1 is open to Big Sur!! We are so happy to hear that. God Bless the Fire men, real heros!