Thursday, May 15

Still Here?

I have been erratic with my blog posts! I am so sorry. I know many of you have told me you come in to Morning Paintings with your cup of coffee and there are no new posts! I seem to be all over the place.
I am painting this morning and getting back to a routine hopefully.The wind had kept me from my studio (impossible out there) so painting was not fun!
This time of the year there are so many wonderful things calling to me! Potting new plants, dabbeling with clay again, working on mosiacs and visitors!! I am sure you are very busy too,traveling, playing in your garden, painting, crafts and many of you are off to work!
So, I am off to work too! I will have a small painting up this afternoon! Promice!

I hope you are "still here!"

Thankyou as always, XO Susan

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