Wednesday, March 19

Web Site Address

After many years of being on Art Span as my web site address I am no longer going to be there.

They installed new software and put up a security wall and my server and this wall are not compatible!I had to go into files and cookies and if you know what that entails, I had to delete history, everything, then use Internet Explorer as my route in. Sometimes it worked , sometimes not. So this morning in frustration after many tries I canceled my account. Rediculous!

I will have another web address soon. I am looking for a new site. I do have my work , the morning paintings on "Fine Art America". That site is listed on the margin on the right of my blog.Also the abstract work at "Yessy."

One of these days I will have my own web site!! For now tho, I continue to be a gypsy and settle in where I am comfortable.

Painting this morning, so I will have a work on this after noon!

XO Susan

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