Saturday, January 5

Work Shops coming up!

Wanted to tell you of the following art workshop for January. Fresno 11th and 12th

I know I will see many of you there and I am so looking forward to that! We always have fun!

Work shop February for 4 days, 28th thru March 2nd in Vancouver WA. That will be at Arts Desire. Go to
That is always a fun class, that's when I get my famous strawberry jam from Sue!!

Sue just wrote that it will be plum jam this time! I am happy about that! I love plum jam! That will be a painting , won't those be beautiful colors? Thankyou Sue!!

San Mateo class is being switched again. I will let you know the new dates.

Thinking of getting a class together here in Cambria for Spring. Will work on that! See you soon!

XO Susan


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
I have been admiring your art work and would like to know if you will be in the Seattle area for a workshop any time soon. Portland is OK too, love your abstracts and I am interested in loose impressionistic paintings. Love them! Donna Reed

Anonymous said...

Susan, guess I need to give you my email address so you can answer my previous question!
Thanks, Donna

susan jenkins said...

Hi Donna,
Thankyou so much for your inquirey! Thankyou also for commenting that you like my abstracts, more meaningful than you know this morning.

I teach in Washington,Vancouver only now. A few workshops close to home. I will be heading back to WA in October. I don't have the dates in front of me but will email them to you!I hope you will come!!Thankyou again for your comments!

XO Susan