Wednesday, October 3


So wonderful to be home again. A long trip for sure. Beautiful up there in Washington and Oregon, it rained and was lovely. Great to see old friends and new. Sue gave me a new jar of her home made strawberry jam and I can't wait to open it!
Bev has darling little canvases 2x2 and 2x3, that's inches!! I am excited to paint on those! Don't know what yet, I am ruminating over that! I do know that I want to call them "Bits & Pieces". Sweet?
Barbara is now the proud owner of "Peach Pie", Thankyou Barbara!
Anyway, I do want to get some painting in this morning but my morning is rapidly dissapearing!So much to do after a week away.
I promice to get a new work on by tomorrow.
Thankyou for all of your wonderful comments about my blog!
See you tomorrow, XO Susan

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