Friday, August 17

New Still Life Oil Painting on later today, hopefully.

This morning my light stand fell over when I was arranging a new still life! Kablooy! It is just as well really, I have had it for ever and it had a short in the plug and would go on and off on a whim. Not good when you are concentrating on a paticular area or any area for that matter!

The lighting is so important and in recent weeks it would no longer take a 100 watt "spot" which is what I have always used. So I have been painting in what I consider low light. Those of you who have been to my studio know that sometimes I refer to it as "the cave", hahaha. Not much light in there.I really like strong darks and lights. You get a sort of moody look to your work in low light which is nice that also comes with the gray backgrounds I have been using which I really love! Who knows, maybe Iwill go back to the lower wattage or maybe get my glasses strenghtened!

I t was actually an accident waiting to happen and not the safest of lights. So as I said it is a good thing. Living where I do, out in the hinterlands I must take a trip to the city to get a new stand and a couple of spot lights. I will try to get a new painting up this after noon so I can get in some painting time in today.

Until then!! XO Susan

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