Saturday, July 7


My favorite time to paint is in the morning. When it is quiet, the birds are chirping and I have had my coffee. Sun shine is a plus. My studio is out side so I have a few steps from my house to get to it. I have everything set up so I am ready to go.

Recently I have been looking at very small paintings on web sites and blogs. I love them. They are called daily paintings.I have always been a studio painter and always painted large paintings. I paint every day, but I have concentrated on these large works. I think there is something very intimate in these very small works.

Taking morning walks, I find beautiful wild flowers. I live by the ocean and there is this wonderful board walk with wild flowers growing along the path. I love to put them in different vases incorporating them with the flowers I have growing in my garden.

Now painting the smaller paintings it has become fun! The largest is 9x12. I am working my way to a smaller size! In the mean time I am posting my newest works here.


Kathleen said...

Beautiful work. I love the small paintings. Sounds like a painter's life! Keep on truckin'!

Kathleen said...

Kathleen said...
Beautiful work. I love the small paintings. Sounds like a painter's life! Keep on truckin'!

Anonymous said...

I love the olives, Susan. They look good enough to eat!

Andrea said...

I am in love with your small paintings. I can't wait to do some of them. They are very inspiring and really make me want to paint small.
Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

wow its me your daughter ...
wowo this is fun..i love all of it.. the idea of morning paintings is so cute..... all the paintings are the coffee and the idea of the olives and the modern look of the paintings..way cool ... having fun i see..
too cool........ good job..bye

Arminee said...

Hi Susan,
I logged onto your site again and see that you've really been working. I'm with you when it comes to vegetables - I think they're beautiful and have a wide variety of form.
One of these days, you may see some of my things on my blog. I just created it today but am pretty much a dinosaur about setting up the pictures.
Keep going.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Arminee!
Thankyou for writing.Yes, a painting a day is my promice and it has been such fun!
Good luck with your blog!

XO Susan