Sunday, December 16

Morning Paintings

Rather than trying to get some paintings done ( as I want to do) I am just going to say that I will get there when I can. I have run out of week, month, etal and just running to catch up! I am sure you know the feeling! I worked at the gallery Saturday and Sunday and so am so behind on my other work. I have presents to make and orders to fill which is exciting but hahahaha...where do I find the days? Yikes!
My grandaughter Elizabeth blessed us with my first great grandchild. Natalie Susan Moore and I can't wait to get to San Diego to see and hold her!I am making her a great gramma book, something else I am working on! To say I am last minute is a mild understatement!

This is going to be truely a wonderful Christmas.

I will post when I have something new, soon I hope!!

XO Susan

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