Thursday, November 8


6x6 o/b 125. My jar of honey will soon be gone and I have to make a trip to the bee keeper to get some more! I will make myself a cup of tea and enjoy one of the few last spoonfuls.


kwheeler7092 said...

Hi Susan
I visit your blog just about every morning and enjoy it immensely. You are creating some wonderful pieces....and most every day at that! Miss you and my painting classmates , however, you continue to be an inspiration. I am painting some and drawing a lot.
So glad to have the giclee prints available. I could not resist 3 of them!
Kris Wheeler checking in from Del Mar

susan jenkins said...

Hi Kris!

So wonderful to hear from you! I was so concerned about you during the fires! Andrea said you are ok! House et al!! Yay!
So happy you like the Geclee's thankyou so much!!I love knowing you are there when I am painting and so appreciate you!
Hope to see you in January! Glad you are painting too (wonderfully, I'm sure!) and so happy to be an inspiration!

Thanyou again! XO Susan