Monday, September 10

Morning Thoughts

Thinking about painting this morning and what I would like to paint, it occured to me that I have done quite a few paintings of food! I was going to paint another food painting this morning! I think not. I did enjoy painting the burger and cherry pie tho!

I have a couple of pieces of copper and one is a 5x7. I painted on copper years ago. Just for something different. A different "support". I am going to paint on that this morning and I have an idea of what I would like to paint. It will be fun!

To paint on copper you need to first rough it up a bit with steel wool, give it some tooth.Clean it then with alchohol. Paint the piece with a thin coating of oil paint. I used fast drying white.Once it is dry proceed as usual as you would with board or canvas.

It gives a luminous look to the work I think. Don't use alot of paint for this, keep it sort of thin.

Ok, I am off to my studio! XO Susan

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