Saturday, August 25


8x10 oil on board SOLD

After the cupcake painting I felt I had to regain my credibility! Smaller brushes here. #2 and #4 bristle filberts.


Anonymous said...

you found whatever you lost! This is great!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Andrea! Hahaha !!

XO Susan

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! As owner of a restaurant named after this mystical, invigorating fruit it's comforting to see it captured so well on canvas!

Let me know when you've painted another; I'd like to add more pomegranate art to the restaurant.

Bonnie L.
Pomegranate Euro Bistro, Shockoe Slip, Virginia

susan jenkins said...

Hi Bonnie!

Pomegranates are so beautiful!Love the name of your restaurant too!!

I am so pleased that you wrote and expressed your appreciation of my attempt to capture their beauty.

Thankyou for your generous comments.

XO Susan